Financial Freedom
For First Nation

Now anyone looking for financial equality and freedom, can be empowered by one of the world’s most widely accepted payment vehicles.

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Financial Freedom

Now anyone looking for financial equality and freedom, can be empowered by one of the world’s most widely accepted payment vehicles.

How it Works


The Quill Financial Visa card program allows for safe, secure and immediate access to benefits. No cheque-cashing, no bank account and no payday loan companies.
The Quill Financial Visa is offered to any First Nation individuals and communities wishing to participate and to replace the manual cheque cashing process. This secure card product will enable all community members to receive their funds instantly. The card will eliminate the process of writing cheques and will reduce the time and effort to distribute those funds as required. By issuing cards instead of cheques, the community can save the cost and time associated with creating and mailing/distributing cheques and the additional costs associated with replacing a lost or stolen cheque.
The Quill Financial Visa acts and behaves just like a regular debit card. Quill cards are loaded with funds in advance and are easily re-loadable, making it a great and safe alternative to carrying cash. Unlike a traditional credit card, purchases made with the card are automatically deducted directly from the card balance, so only positive money funds are on the card, never the credit side of the ledger. Offering the same safety and security as a regular Visa, the Quill Financial Visa allows cardholders to make purchases or withdraw cash from participating POS and ATM machines.
Make purchases at more than 30 million merchants worldwide. Use the card just like a debit or credit card.

• Withdraw cash from ATM’s
• Enjoy free point-of-sale transactions in stores
• Shop on the Internet
• Pay bills instantly over the phone
• Make hotel or dinner reservations
• Best rates and most efficient processing
• Nations issue cards directly to members
• No need to change payroll system
• Most convenient for payees – no waiting in lines to cash checks

• Eliminates the costs associated with paper checks
• Immediate access to funds
• Text Messaging and Email alerts for notifications
• 24/7 automated and live support agent
• Card can be customized for employer, community or association
• Eliminates check cashing fees and inconvenience
• Additional family cards available
• Integrates with payroll systems

How to Get Started


To get started with your Quill Financial Select Card program registration, Sign Up Here or contact us directly at 1 (866) 659-1347 (Canada).
Communities can use the built in messaging service to communicate via the web or by cell phone. You will be able to access this technology through the designated Quill Financial Corporation’s web portal. You can send one or thousands of messages in a fraction of the time and cost associated with other currently utilized methods.
For the Quill cardholders, you can receive instant messages for deposits, check balances, make transfers to other cardholders, enjoy convenience of online retailers, remote access to banking information and more!